Custom Contract Brewing Kombucha

We brew, craft and keg your very own style of kombucha for contract brewing and deliver them to your business with your personalised custom flavour – a ‘house flavour’ just for your business or event. Our contract brewing kombucha service brings a special touch on your brand making the entire customer experience one to remember. Our kombucha contract brewing will have your customers walk out the door with your house flavour in mind.

We source whole ingredients from local farms, certified organic and fair trade (ethically sourced) products. This crafting & blending of whole ingredients retains the plants nutrients within the brew and the resulting flavour is unique. Kombucha that use flavourings (even ‘natural’) & processed sweeteners (stevia/erythritol) has a very different mouthfeel.


custom contract brewing kombucha kegs

Cost Efficient, Less Waste

  • Kombucha in kegs requires less time and packaging than bottling.
  • Reusable.
  • Zero waste and plastic free
custom contract brewing kombucha - customer samples

Product Sampling

As a retailer, having a kombucha draft system allows you to pour small samples of what’s on tap for indecisive or inquisitive customers. 

custom contract brewing kombucha - whole ingredients

Made Fresh To Order

Our contract brewing kombucha are made to order, so they are as fresh as possible. Once you place an order, we prepare ingredients for flavour brewing, blend and keg. 


There are endless possibilities using botanical ingredients. Add your touch of imagination to take an already great kombucha and give it a truly unique flavor that you can’t find anywhere else.

A snippet of aroma gist in our custom contract brewing kombucha:

  • Chamomile gives a bittersweet, honey-like taste.
  • Cinnamons spiciness is a robust taste with a sweet finish
  • Lemon myrtles lingers a mildly sweet, citral scent
  • Dandelion has a coffee-like taste but is less bitter

With our custom contract brewing kombucha, its great for weddings, corporate and charity events, restaurants, cafes, even offices and anything else you can think of. Explore our site to learn more about what we do. Contact us for more info