Kombucha Me Kegs

Whether in a pub, party, wholefoods shop or restaurant, a cold glass or bottle of fresh kombucha, dripping with condensation will never fail to refresh, cleanse and heal.

What’s the best way to provide this?

Our Sydney based kombucha kegs. Made to order, our kombucha kegs provide the freshest possibly product for any kombucha fan. Fragrant floral flavours flowing from our kegs will refresh any patron, partyer or passer-by. Our distinct floral profiles are exquisite on tap, flowing to aromatically dance at the drinker.

With any hip drink the race is to have the product fresh and on tap. Sydney brewed and fermented; we have been energizing the local kombucha scene since our inception.

Using local suppliers when possible, our Sydney based kombucha cultivates cravings. People who have had our kombucha come back for more of our bold flavours. The boldness comes out when given the full body that a fresh kombucha keg can provide. The local, crafted personality charms drinkers endlessly.

Invigorating with every sip, this fragrant drink will awaken the consumer as it hits their lips. With dedication to our product, our Sydney based kombucha kegs provide optimal freshness and bold flavour.

From Penrith in the west to Newcastle in the north to Bowral/Wollongong in the south, we prioritise a fast delivery to ensure unparalleled freshness. Our kombucha kegs house our pride and joy, which we want to be enjoyed as they should be. As we want to share our drink, if you fall outside this range we are open to working something out.