Minty Mojitos of Orange Hibiscus Kombucha Cocktail

A kombucha cocktail that is not loud, it doesn’t scream its way into a first sip with any dominating flavor. In fact everything comes together quietly and smoothly for a summer cocktail that will have you gently leaning back in your chair. Serves 4-5.


  • 1L Kombucha Me Hibiscus
  • 90ml agave nectar
  • 1 tbsp soaked hibiscus leaves
  • Quarter of a small orange
  • Lime wheel slices
  • Few mint leaves
  • 90ml white rum
  • Ice

Food process the mint leaves with the orange, white rum, agave nectar and a bit of ice. Lightly mix this with Kombucha Me Hibiscus in a glass with extra ice. Garnish with thinly sliced limes and mint and hibiscus leaves.