About Us

Kombucha Me is a family-owned and run business in Sydney dedicated to bringing the ancient tradition of fermenting a living, probiotic tea into modern light of Australia. Locally brewed fermented Chinese teas, we blend only the finest artisan flowers, premium herbals, quality spices and fruit juices to create a refreshing health tonic that’s packed with flavour with the added health benefits!

Our Kombucha Difference

Our unique approach to adding kombucha with raw botanical ingredients can be tasted and felt. Sweeteners such as stevia and Erythritol and fillers such as carbonated water are avoided in favour of raw, organic and whole food ingredients. We believe this to be the most natural for the consumer and beneficial for the probiotics. We believe that ‘essences’ and ‘flavourings’, even when ‘natural’, take away from the full body of benefits and flavours that the raw, wholefood ingredients hold. Numerous botanical ingredients and methodical brewing are harnessed by our Kombucha Australia to unlock the living elixir’s full potential. Kombucha Me’s ingredients have rich history in traditional medicines across Europe, Australia and Asia, including Ayurvedic therapies, that we carry on. The authentic ingredients emphasising the flavour of each kombucha creates a bold blend for the discerning kombucha enthusiast’s palette. Kombucha Me’s interest is in maintaining quality craftsmanship and medicinal properties, avoiding any dilution and degradation that commercial brewing processes undertake.

  • No artificial or processed sweeteners, flavourings or essences
  • Organic & all natural ingredients
  • No colourings
  • No preservatives
  • Raw – living friendly yeast and bacteria
  • Australian Made and Australian family owned and run
  • Low in sugar
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Great alternative to soft drinks & alcoholic beverages
  • Bulk buy available
  • Delivery across Australia’s major cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and more)

We are pleased to offer kombucha in Australia across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and more, to general public, wholesalers, retailers and distributors. Kombucha Australia, here we are!

Beyond just making a great tasting and healthy beverage, we value quality craftsmanship, health, well-being and local economic development. We support local suppliers & businesses whenever possible.

We want Kombucha Me to help form happy, harmonious and healthy bodies of every Australian. Kombucha Australia is the future of happy beverages.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

– Hippocrates