Office Kombucha Keg Service

At Kombucha Me, we deliver made to order kombucha kegs to Sydney offices. If you want to provide exciting beverages to your employees and make your company a healthier place in the process, our corporate office kombucha kegs service is the perfect solution.

Sydney Office kombucha keg

Office Kombucha Keg service – Installation, maintenance and keg delivery

Our corporate Sydney office kombucha keg service ensures your office is always stocked with the freshest beverages for your employee’s enjoyment. We deliver, clean, and maintain kegs and kegerators at no extra cost, providing a no-hassle way to always have kombucha on tap at the office. Our Office kombucha keg service makes it easy!

Employee Health & Wellness

You care about your employees, so why not show it with our undiluted kombucha, thats brewed traditionally without the processed sweeteners.
At Kombucha Me, we have over 20 flavours to choose from that are made fresh and ready to pour. Our unique & traditional brewing processes maintains a full bodied flavour without the lingering after taste. Read our brewing method here

Made to order, fresh kombucha on tap at the office? We offer kegerator service and office kombucha keg delivery that will keep your employees hydrated and energized. You’ll be making an investment in the health and productivity of your employees and our ongoing office keg delivery service means you never have to worry about maintenance or stock. All you have to do is tell us what you’d like to drink next!

We also provide sparkling teas.

Corporate Events & Happy Hours

office lunches, events or parties – We can cater for your needs

Need kombucha kegs for a big corporate event or want to spice up your company happy hour? We can help with that too! We offer easy delivery and setup for corporate events and happy hours, providing both kegs and bottles of sparkling kombucha.

Fresh Made To order kombucha On Tap In The Office

At Kombucha Me, we make variety a blast, having have over 25 flavours from botanicals, berries, spices, floral blossoms, native herbs and tropical fruits. Bringing you unbeatable selection alongside effortless convenience, allowing you to cater to your employees’ varying tastes. For sparkling tea & botanicals click here

Want to offer an awesome bonus to your employees? With an office kombucha keg service, it’s easy! Contact us today to discuss your needs and find out which keg solution is right for you. We can’t wait to take your office to the next level with our convenient office kombucha keg service in Sydney!