Our Story

Brewing fanatic Fernando directs tradition-refined practices to craft unique twists on a true to Chinese tradition kombucha. First brewing for himself and loved ones, Fernando established the family owned and run, boutique, Kombucha Me. Fernando first channels his heritage in selecting specific Chinese teas; establishing the base for unique kombucha. The green and black tea balance has been adjusted in constant pursuit of improvement but has remained traditional. The tea is then put through a longer fermentation process, Kombucha Me’s secret in establishing optimum probiotics and healing acids that mature slowly.

The aged ferments are then married to floral flavours & herbs unique in modern kombuchas. Botanical beauties such as elderflower and hibiscus are traditional healing agents that distinguish Kombucha Me’s personality. Our fastidious process refuses to add carbonated water, artificial flavours, sweeteners or fillers. Kombucha Me prioritises substance, experienced craftsmanship and tradition, maintaining the perfectionism Fernando started brewing for his family with years ago.