Australian kosher kombucha

Kombucha Me now has all of our bottled flavours, barring pomegranate & grape, kosher certified*, Kosher certified! 

*(Our grapes don’t come from a kosher certified vineyard, which is why our pomegranate & grape didn’t pass). 

This makes us one of the first Australian kombuchas to be certified kosher. 

Undergoing this process has allowed us to learn the benefits of kosher standards. I have now learnt of the growth in demand for kosher products worldwide. This is because the standards, purity and quality of kosher products is strict.. 

Kosher certification looks at the origin, traceability and production quality of the ingredients. We’re very proud that 7 of our 8 flavours could pass stringent tests. 

The Kashrut Authority, the oldest continuous running kosher certification authority in Australia, carried out our kosher certification.