Traditional Remedies vs Modern Superbugs

Modern antibiotic overuse is evolving more relentless, resilient and dangerous pathogens that we can’t keep up with. We’re driving a microbial arms race and losing as our antibiotics become quickly obsolete.

So what can we do? Ironically, it’s ancient, natural remedies that are looking to be the advanced weaponry we need-

The British Library published a study that demonstrated a medieval remedy destroying antibiotic resistant MRSA. The natural ‘Bald’s Eye Salve’ overpowered the stubborn, antibiotic resistant and sometimes fatal ‘superbug’.

There was one caveat to the efficacy of the remedy however-

The recipe had to be studiously followed as alterations drastically reduced the recipe’s potency.

Promodern scholars had this recipe spot on, demonstrating ancestral expertise in using the natural world to heal their ailments. Despite modernity’s scoffing at traditional treatments, this study indicates the sophisticated medicinal knowledge of our ancestors. As the modern world needs new weapons against new diseases, we are turning to old, ancestral treatments.

We evolved in an environment that could sustain us, but we’ve lost the art.

These traditional remedies are often far from broken; therefore we don’t need to fix them. We don’t need to always be reinventing the wheel when we can look through the history books to find cures and treatments.

Fermented Foods as Natural Remedies

One of the biggest families of ancestral foods that we’re rediscovering is fermented food. These living superfoods enhance individuals and immunity.

The origins of different fermented foods get disputed endlessly. This is because fermented foods are very old, as we’ve entwined ourselves with them since time immemorial. Almost every civilisation used fermentation as a means for preserving or enhancing foods and drinks. Our ancestors unlocked the power of fermentation 9000 years ago.

Fermented foods wouldn’t have lasted this long if they were useless. Before scientific knowledge of the microbiome, gut flora and probiotics, our ancestors were already enhancing their microbiome and immunity with fermented, probiotic foods and drinks.

Numerous bacterial strains and the fermented foods that house them have been linked to immunity. Kefirs have been shown to boost immunity and even fight tumours through lactobacillus strains. ‘Xeniji’ has done similar antioxidant and immune boosting effects in mice.

Kombucha has shown it’s antimicrobial properties in many studies. Studies on antimicrobial properties of ingested kombucha found that ‘traditional kombucha has the greatest effect’ when compared to ‘neutralised kombuchas’ or simple acetic acid, in regards to staphylococcal and E. Coli infections.

Real kombucha was traditionally referred to as ‘the tea of immortality’ in China. This living elixir empowers your body to heal itself when faced with infections and modern stressors.

Kombucha has been a natural remedy for centuries if not millennia. When authentically brewed, real kombucha is a powerful weapon to arm yourself with in the modern world. We cannot stress ‘real’ enough as not all kombuchas are the same; some are diluted or inauthentic which you can read more about here- https://www.kombuchame.com.au/is-that-real-kombucha/.

At Kombucha Me, we unlock the living elixir’s true potential. We share the real kombucha with real people.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Jack Lewis is a keen researcher, writer and health enthusiast. Jack aims to communicate evidence based, accessible strategies to optimise health for everyday people. In his spare time, Jack likes to home brew kombucha and is a competitive martial artist.