The Real Kombucha For Real People

Not all kombucha is created equal

Real kombucha is a powerful probiotic, antioxidant and nutrition rich fermented beverage. Not all kombucha is what we would consider real kombucha. It can seem like there’s little to no important discernable differences between one kombucha and the next. Superficial differences such as bottle, label and flavour blend together as they seem unimportant. 

Brewed and fermented for centuries if not millennia, there are similarities in every recipe and every tradition. But the superfood drink phenomenon is endlessly varied among different brewers, individual bottles and specific probiotic cultures. 

Real kombucha has shown promise to treat diabetes (in some cases, equivalent to pharmaceuticals) and be anti-hyperglycaemic by managing blood glucose, fight hypertension, be liver protective and even protective of heart injuries. In a world with sugar in our foods, high personal stress and stressors on our internal organs, why wouldn’t you arm your body with some high quality kombucha? 

Not all kombucha are the same!

The differences between kombuchas arise from respect, expertise and experience. Masters of the craft will know all about their teas, cultures and sugars. They’ll know the effects of fermentation time, the temperature of the ferment. They’ll cultivate specific healthful and tasty probiotics and acids. Steeped in traditional ingredients and recipes, Kombucha Me clutches at the personal touch that was traditionally synonymous with kombucha.

Preserving traditions that are being lost to the pressures of commercial brewing. Kombucha Me has a family of fermentation fanatics who personally taste each ferment to make sure it’s to their standard. Longer fermentation time for the highest quality product in taste and optimum conception of slow maturing macronutrients, antioxidants and detoxifying acids is prioritised. Kombucha Me’s staff is filled with home brewers seeking more knowledge, practising the care that they put into their family’s kombucha. Care and craftsmanship goes into each drop of Kombucha Me.

Potent traditional fermentation is revered, as we believe they’ve survived the tests of time for a reason. Modern twists can be put on fermentation, but tradition shouldn’t be forgotten. The wheel doesn’t need reinvention. The pressures of commercial manufacturing are resisted at Kombucha Me because real kombucha has a potent, proven, ancestral charm. When you drink Kombucha Me you are partaking in a time honoured, distinct tradition of kombucha, thoroughly grounded in ancient routes that Kombucha Me refuses to lose.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Jack Lewis is a keen researcher, writer and health enthusiast. Jack aims to communicate evidence based, accessible strategies to optimise health for everyday people. In his spare time, Jack likes to home brew kombucha and is a competitive martial artist.